The Secret Diary of a Call Girl Reviewed (Part 1)

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The Secret Diary of a Call Girl is a highly adult and controversial series of Billie Piper. This is primarily based from the subsequent novel and blog by Belle de Jour. This is also focused on the insight of a life of a call girl who has turned into a normal stereotype of prostitute.

Episode 1 of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl simply offers its amusing touches. Nevertheless, it does not sustain the entire series. Most of the shows in this episode indulge common fantasy of male that whores into prostitution enjoyment.  This show is presented into a video diary with a high class type of hooker who loves her work.

In this episode, it puts emphasis on the different identities of Belle as an author, escort and Hannah on as her persona on daytime. She disguises as a cocktail waitress on her own party and has acquired a lot of visitors.

In addition to that, this is a comedy and drama episode that examines the sex ploits of highly-priced and highly-educated London escort Billie Piper. When she’s not working as an escort, she also uses another name as Hannah Baxter. She is really expert in leading double life but troubles follow when two different lives collide. Ben serves as his ex-boyfriend and a best friend. He is very familiar with the secret of Hannah that is why they have a constant friction with one another.

With the excitement and fun experience brought by this first episode, viewers also requested for another episode leading to The Secret Diary of a Call Girl episode 2. It is expected that viewers will be more excited and more motivated upon watching the next episode. If you have not watched for this show, it is now about time to sit back and watch this amazing and interesting show that will leave a lesson in your life.

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